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Route tab

In this article, we look into Route tab including GPS-based location, route selection, manual distance entry, automatic price calculation.

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Adding Routes to Work Orders

To add a route to your work order, simply navigate to the "Route" section within Frontu and click on the "ADD ROUTE" button. It is important to ensure that your device's GPS is enabled to accurately determine your current location, providing precise route information.

Flexible Route Selection

In the "Add route" window, Frontu offers several options for selecting your route. By choosing the online distance counting feature, you can conveniently select both the Start point and End point. Options for start and end points include your device location, office location, the last object visited, and the work order object. Once selected, you will instantly see the distance and approximate travel duration for your chosen route.

Have in mind that if the price per distance unit is set in the settings, the automatic route price calculation will be set as default.

For organizations with multiple office locations, Frontu simplifies route selection by displaying all offices in the administrator platform. The full list of offices is conveniently available under the "Other offices" section, with the user's office listed first for easy access.

The route between two offices is not allowed. If the user chooses the office location on the start point and the office is already selected at the end point, the Mobile App removes the route and clears the end point value. If the user chooses the office location on the start point and the end point is not selected, the Mobile App removes all offices from end point dropdown.

Notification for Points without Coordinates

If a selected point does not have coordinates, Frontu notifies the user. In such cases, the route calculation is unavailable, and manual route distance counting should be applied to determine the distance accurately.

Managing Nonexistent Routes

When users add start and end points that create an impossible route, Frontu displays a message about the nonexistence of routes. In such situations, users are advised to modify their start or end points or resort to manual route calculation for accurate results.

Zero-Distance Route Notifications

Frontu allows users to add routes with a distance of zero. However, to confirm the user's intention, Frontu displays a pop-up notification. If the user clicks "Ok," the route is added and visible in the routes tab for easy reference.

Starting from version 5.1.27, Frontu enhances the route visualization on the map. The map zooms in automatically, providing users with a clear view of the distance covered in their journey, ensuring better visibility and planning.

Manual Distance Entry

Frontu offers users the flexibility to manually enter the distance traveled. Additionally, users can choose automatic price calculation, which can be set up in the administrator environment. However, if automatic price calculation is not selected, users have the option to manually enter the cost associated with the route, catering to individual preferences and organizational requirements.

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