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Manage Work Hours

Employee’s work hours could be planned by using Calendar. This feature allows to mark shifts, night or weekend working hours to employees.

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Planning work hours

Employee’s work hours could be planned by using Calendar monthly view. Click on selected date or mark more days and use left mouse button to select “Employee work hours”.

You will see office (not required) and employee (required) fields where you will be able to select one or more users to plan their work hours. Office selection works as a filter to find users working in different offices. When you select an office, only users from that office are displayed.

Additional days could be added by clicking the “Add” button. Particular time will be set in the “begin hour” and “end hour” fields. Click “Add more” if you would like to add another planned period of time for an employee.

Before saving the employee work hours, make sure that employee does not already have planned time slots in the calendar that could overlap with each other. Informational message has been added to the planning window to remind it but in case you close the message it will not be shown again.

When work hours are added, the planned work day is visible in the calendar’s day and week views. When using a month view, select the user in “Assigned user” filter and you will be able to see days with planned working hours marked in blue.

Editing work hours

Please note, you will not be able to edit several days working hours in one window. If you would like to edit it, you have to select a certain day slot and right click on it.

Two options are available: archive or edit.

If you archive a time slot, it will disappear from the calendar and if you edit it, updated information will be visible as the employee's planned work hours.

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