Manage Route planning

Visually see employee's route of a selected day based on the current work orders assignments.

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Employee day route planning

With the help of a map adjust work orders time to make the optimal trip route. If at least one client object will not have saved coordinates, a notification message will appear showing that route cannot be calculated.

To view an employee's route please follow these steps:

  • In the upper filter boxes select the employee;

  • Click "Day" view in the calendar;

  • Select the "Route" check box (the numbers that are shown next is the estimated trip duration and its distance) at the top of the map.

If you see that the travel route needs to be optimized, edit the time for work orders on the calendar and watch how the routing layout changes.

Such route planning listed above option could be beneficial for small field service teams with fewer amount of daily work orders.

Integration with GPS solutions

For efficient planning based on most accurate routes we suggest integrate Frontu with your currently used GPS solutions for fleet management.

With GPS software integration it is possible to track and allocate your assets anywhere at any time. Tracking solution ensures real-time updates, helps to plan and manage work orders and organize your field staff.

Find out more about existing integration with GPS tracking solution Fleet Complete:

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