Calendar Settings

In calendar settings tab we can change calendar display settings, working hours that are shown on calendar and create recurring holidays.

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Calendar settings window

Calendar settings window is composed of display settings, company hours, events and holidays. Display setting lets the user decide the time interval from 10 min to 1 hour and the first day of the week. You could also select if the map is visible or hidden.

You can also select the working days and hours of the company. Available work days options: Monday-Friday, Monday-Saturday and Monday-Sunday.

You can also set the working hours by selecting the start and end time of the day. According to your selected settings, you will only see those days of the week and selected hours displayed on the calendar.

Do not forget to click “Save” button in after changes in each section if you want them to be saved.


Recurring holidays can be planned by selecting a date and its recurrence. It means that when you add a holiday and select recurrence, non-working days will be displayed each day/week/month in the calendar depending on your needs.

If created holiday needs to be removed you can right click on the holiday entry and select “Archive”. If you archive the holiday from the holiday list, all repetitive entries will disappear. The logic for holidays is the same as with periodic work orders. Holiday archive function works from the “Calendar settings” tab and the calendar view.

You can not edit or drag and drop holidays in the calendar as it would cause issues with recurrence.

For editing holiday title and description, you should always use the “Calendar settings” tab, right click on selected holiday and then “Edit” option. Created events and holidays will be visible on all calendar views: monthly, weekly, daily and employee agenda.

In case you need to schedule one-off event that does not have particular recurrence refer to events section:

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