Create Draft Work Order

Draft lets user to prepare a work order that is not visible to a technician yet. It can include jobs, materials, remarks etc,

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How to create a draft

A work order draft becomes useful when you want to predefine a work order in advance and indicate materials and jobs an employee should use and perform. Then, an employee who has been assign to the work order may add some detailed information on time intervals and materials used in the work order, or delete and add new data if necessary.

If you want to create a draft, you can use “New Draft” button in the work orders list or use work orders creation and select “Add jobs and more”.

As soon as a draft is saved, it will be opened in a detailed preview window with status marked as "Draft". The work order will not be available in on the employee's device yet.

It will stay as a draft until it is submitted. The user can add jobs, materials, remarks and other information inside the draft.

Adding jobs/materials to the draft

If you do not find a job in standard jobs list, you may create a new one by clicking the NEW JOB button. The recommended duration is an approximate rather than compulsory time-frame for completing the job.

All entries in the Jobs section can be deleted or edited by right-clicking on a given entry. Archived records are highlighted in orange (the employee will not see them after the draft is approved).

Fill the materials section the same way and add standard materials, which an employee may need to use to complete the work order.

Submit a draft

You can submit the draft from any tab. The button “Submit draft” will be active. The work order will be sent to the assigned employee. If necessary the employee may delete draft works/materials and add new entries and set new prices.

If the draft does not have assigned user, it will be created as unassigned work order. User can be added later or the work order can be found in unassigned work orders list.

Each draft becomes a work order after it has been submitted.

While the submitted draft or work order is not "In progress" or finished, web user can only add more jobs / materials.

A draft may be duplicated together with corresponding works/materials entries.

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