Work Order Templates

Use templates for work orders that usually have same jobs and materials or require specific pictures / remarks to be taken during completion

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Work order templates

Create and use templates when needed by quickly filling in the recurring new work order information in the main window and its internal data, for example jobs, materials or remarks. You can find templates by pressing the buttons in the menu WORK ORDERSWORK ORDER TEMPLATES.

Press the right mouse button on the selected record line and you will open a standard list of menu which might vary depending on the role and rights of the user.

You can create a work order or periodic work order right away when a work order template is created. The information in the form will be filled in automatically from a template details. Have in mind that if work order title is already filled before selecting the work order template, it will not be overwritten by template’s title.

Create work order template

To create a new template, open the template page and press the button NEW WORK ORDER TEMPLATE.

There are no required fields in this window, without which you will not be able to save the data, so please fill in the information you need and press SAVE. The internal template window will automatically appear and you will be able to fill in the details of the jobs and materials.

All attached jobs and materials can be archived or edited by right clicking on the selected row. Archived records are highlighted in orange color (the employee will not see them after the draft is approved).

While performing a work order, the employee will be able to see required jobs and materials in his Frontu application. He will be able to edit these records by specifying the actual duration/quantity, archive or add new ones. Archived work order records are highlighted in orange in the web platform.

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