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Add jobs/materials and copy work order
Add jobs/materials and copy work order

Learn how to copy a work order or add jobs/materials/remarks to the work order before sending to the application.

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How to add jobs/materials/remarks o the work order?

When required information is filled, you can save the work order or select "Add jobs and more". By clicking on this button you will be able to fill the work order with suggested jobs, materials and remarks.

If work order is assigned to the administrator himself, he will be able to add not suggested but real used amounts/durations for standard jobs and materials.

Have in mind that you can do that not only when the work order is a draft but basically all the time, except when its status is in progress/completed/approved.

Selecting "Save" will save the work order successfully and it will be instantly received by the assigned user on his mobile device. Selecting "Add jobs and more" will save the work order as a draft and you will be redirected to add jobs, materials and remarks. Once you've added the suggested jobs, materials and remarks, remember to go back to the "View work order" tab and click "Submit draft." Once the draft is submitted, the work order will be created and sent to the assigned user's mobile device.

Also, you can add files to the work order that will be visible in the detailed view "Files" section. You can add files up to 100 MB.

How to copy a work order?

Moreover, if you need to create the same work order once again, you can use copy feature and duplicate the work order. Just right click on it and select “Copy” action. The work order information will be fulfilled automatically. “

Data from original work order” checkbox will let you copy not only work order’s general information but also the inside data such as suggested materials, jobs, remarks and files.

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