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In this article, we will look into settings available within the Mobile App: shake sensitivity adjustment and location tracking time.

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Shake Sensitivity Adjustment

One of the key settings accessible through the Settings menu tab is the shake sensitivity adjustment. This feature allows users to control the sensitivity of the shake report function. By selecting from three levels—low, medium, or high—users can fine-tune the responsiveness of the shake report feature according to their preference.

The low sensitivity level ensures that the device is less responsive to shakes, requiring more pronounced movements to trigger the shake report function. On the other hand, the high sensitivity level makes the device more receptive to even subtle shakes, increasing the likelihood of capturing and reporting unintended movements. The medium sensitivity level strikes a balance between the two extremes, providing a moderate response to shakes.

Location Tracking Time Adjustment

With the release of version 5.4.5, an additional feature was introduced to the Settings menu tab, enabling users to adjust the location tracking time. This modification was implemented to address changes in user privacy regulations, particularly the transition of location permissions from the background to the foreground.

By default, the "Toggle default location tracking time" setting is enabled, meaning the device can be tracked using the Frontu application throughout the day. However, users have the freedom to disable this setting and manually select their preferred start and end time for location tracking. When the setting is toggled off, the start time and end time fields become active, allowing users to define a specific time frame during which their device can be tracked.

This customization feature provides users with greater control over when their location is shared, respecting their privacy preferences and ensuring that location tracking is conducted strictly within the specified timeframe. Whether users want their device to be trackable at all times or only during certain periods, Frontu offers the flexibility to accommodate individual needs.

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