Onboarding tours

This article we will explore the functionality and benefits of the tours, including language adaptability and additional resources.

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Accessing Onboarding Tours

Within the Mobile App menu, users can find the Help section, which serves as a valuable resource for understanding the application's fundamental features.

One of the key components of the Help section is the "Onboarding tours" option.

Users can easily locate this option by looking for green buttons displaying the names of the available tours. Upon clicking on a specific tour button, the corresponding tour will appear on the screen. It is worth noting that the language of the tour is determined by the user's mobile device language. For example, if the application is used in Lithuanian (LT), the tour will also be displayed in the Lithuanian language.

Exploring the Tour

Each onboarding tour consists of one or several steps, providing users with helpful tips and general feature information. Users can navigate through the tour by clicking on the red "Continue" button located below the tour content. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to review the tour at any time. By clicking on the green tour button again, users can revisit the tour and gain a deeper understanding of the presented information.

Additional Information and Resources

In some cases, tours may include links to external resources, offering users access to additional information related to the specific feature or topic being discussed. These additional resources can provide users with a more comprehensive understanding and serve as a reference for further exploration and learning.

Direct Communication with Frontu Representatives

Certain tours within the Help section go beyond providing information and tips. They also offer users the opportunity to initiate a conversation with a Frontu representative immediately. This feature enables users to seek direct assistance, clarify doubts, or address any concerns they may have, enhancing the support experience and ensuring prompt resolution of issues.

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