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Optimizing Work Order Titles and Work Order descriptions
Optimizing Work Order Titles and Work Order descriptions

A closer look at character limitations in the work order title, use cases, work order description field use.

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Character Limitations in Work Order Title Field

In Frontu when creating a new work order titles should be short and descriptive of the work being performed by the work order.

The work order title field has a limit of 255 characters. Frontu users are encouraged to adopt shorter work order titles consisting of few words.

Use Of Work Order Description Field

Work order specifics should be specified in the work order description field.

It's crucial to recognize that the work order description field is designed to provide detailed information. Unlike the title field, there are no character limits in the description field, allowing users to offer a comprehensive overview of the work order, including requirements and additional context.

The work order window might look different depending on your work order field settings. How to rearrange work order fields and change other work order settings you can find in article Create New Work Order

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