Used materials

The report for materials used in work orders

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If you click on the "Materials" section on the left side menu, you will be sent to the list of all materials that have been used in your work orders.

Here you can also filter the used materials by:

  • Material name;

  • Work order number;

  • Date the material was added at;

  • Client or Object;

  • App user who used the material;

  • Serial number;

  • Equipment the material was assigned to (only if Equipment add on is enabled)

Export materials button will export the list with selected filters into an Excel file. Click the button, select what information needs to be exported and click green "Export" button. The exported data file will be found in the inbox.

To delete the material from this list, you will have to delete the material from the Work order.
You can find the full description for editing the completed work order here:

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