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In this article, we will explore how to attach, open or delete files in Mobile App work order.

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Viewing Files in the FILES Section

Frontu provides a dedicated "FILES" section where users can conveniently view all the files that have been attached during work order creation or while completing the work order. This section serves as a centralized hub for accessing and managing work order related files, ensuring that important documents and resources are readily available.

Instant File Access, Even for Incomplete Work Orders

In the latest version (v. 5.4.5) of Frontu, users can open files attached to a work order, even if the work order is not in progress yet. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and convenience, allowing users to review and access attached files at any stage of the work order workflow.

Attaching Files: Single and Multiple Attachments

Frontu offers a straightforward file attachment process, empowering users to include relevant documents and resources seamlessly. The platform supports both single and multiple file attachments, providing flexibility based on user preferences and requirements. Here's how you can attach files:

  1. Click on the "ADD FILE" button.

  2. Select the desired file from your device's file storage. Frontu supports files up to 250 Mb in size, ensuring that a wide range of file types can be attached.

  3. To attach multiple files simultaneously, touch and hold on a file for a few seconds until it is selected. You will see a notification at the top indicating the number of selected files. Briefly touch the desired files to attach them. To complete the operation, click on the three dots located on the top right side and select "OPEN."

Effortless File Upload and Processing

Once files are selected for attachment, Frontu efficiently handles the upload process. Users simply need to give the system a few seconds to complete the file upload. This seamless experience ensures that users can quickly proceed with their work orders without any unnecessary delays.

Deleting Attached Files

In case the need arises to remove an attached file, Frontu provides a user-friendly deletion option. By pressing and holding on a specific file, users can activate the delete function. A prompt will appear at the top, displaying a bin icon. Clicking on this icon will allow users to remove the file, ensuring streamlined file management and decluttered work order workflows.

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