Work order helpers

Frontu provides a convenient feature called "helpers" to facilitate collaboration and work order execution.

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There are two types of helpers that can be added to a work order

App User: Additional app users can be assigned as helpers to the work order. Although they cannot make changes to the order, they can view the details of the work order in the "Helper filter" section. By accessing the work order, they can see all the information added across different tabs.

Helper: This role is specifically designed for individuals who assist the assigned user in completing the work order but do not require a separate login to the application. Helper roles are free and multiple helpers can be created as needed. The work performed by helpers is registered under the main assigned user's account.

It's important to note that helpers cannot log in to the application independently.

How Does it Work? Let's Dive In!

When an administrator creates a work order, they have the option to add multiple helpers to it. The assigned user, who is responsible for managing the work order, can add separate jobs for each helper.

The assigned user has visibility of all assigned helpers in the Info tab, allowing for easy coordination and collaboration.

Starting from version 5.4.10, the assigned user has the ability to make changes to helpers independently. By clicking on the "Edit work order" button, the helpers section becomes active.

To add or remove helpers, the user simply needs to click on the helpers field, which will display a list of possible employees. Checkbox selection can be used to add or remove helpers from the work order. Marked helpers will be included in the work order, and the changes will be visible to the administrator.

Please note that only app users and helper roles can be added as helpers to the work order. Other roles are not eligible for this function.

The assigned user has the authority to add various jobs to the work order and assign them to the respective helpers. When helpers are involved, the assigned user can assign them specific work orders without any additional steps. By clicking the "Add job" button, selecting the job type, providing necessary information, and choosing the helpers in the "Helper" field, the job can be assigned to the helpers seamlessly.

Starting from version 5.4.44, the time spent in progress for the work order is multiplied by the number of helpers involved. The actual time spent in progress is dependent on the number of helpers assigned to the work order, ensuring accurate tracking of the work performed.

Once the helpers are selected and all the required information is filled in, simply click the "Save" button. Jobs will be created separately for each employee, and the helper's name will be displayed under the job title, along with the respective units or duration.

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