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Use NFC / QR / Bar code to start or/end Work Order
Use NFC / QR / Bar code to start or/end Work Order

Detailed explanation from web app and mobile app how to use NFC/QR/Bar code scanning.

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Each customer object may be assigned a unique QR/NFC code. In such a case an employee, who wishes to complete a work order, must scan the object start and/or end code, depending on requirements.

When an operator creates a new work order online, they tick the "Require work order start code" and/or "Require work order end code" checkboxes.

Have in mind that you can select this requirement in the work order type too. In this case, all work orders with that type will be asked to scan work order start/end codes.

How to generate object's QR code?

An object's QR/NFC code may be generated/reviewed in two ways:

  1. In detail work order preview (right click on work order → DETAILED VIEW) you click the object's shortcut in the first section and in the opened information window you click WORK ORDER START NFC/QR CODE or WORK ORDER END NFC/QR CODE. After you get the code, save it as an image and print it out if you want to place it on a given object, or

  2. In detail object preview you click WORK ORDER START NFC/QR CODE or WORK ORDER END NFC/QR CODE in the first section.

If the QR/NFC code is required in the beginning and the end of a given work order an employee should choose the SCAN button and scan the object QR code before they start the work order.

How it looks in the mobile app?

To scan a start code, app user will be able to see scan icon and must scan a correct code. Scan option will be changed to “Start work order” option after the action is successful.

If work order is confirmed or reopened, the app user will see scan option\ instead of start work order directly from the list. He just needs to click on it and scan a code.

If the code is correct, the app shows a success scanned code message. In this way, users can start a work order.

If a user scans an invalid code, the app notifies the user about the invalid code, and user can scan other code

App user can also scan a code using scan icon in the work orders list. It is displayed on green line at the bottom. By scanning an object’s code, user will be filtered all work orders with that object and can find the needed work order more easily.

On finishing the work order you will need to SCAN the object QR/NFC end code instead of client's evaluation and SAVE together with the employee's signature.

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