NFC code

Mobile App NFC code scanning feature enables users conveniently scan objects, materials, places, or equipment using NFC technology.

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Frontu, the innovative work order management app, goes beyond traditional QR or barcode scanning capabilities by incorporating NFC (Near Field Communication) code scanning.

To utilize this functionality, ensure that your mobile device is equipped with NFC capabilities. Most new models come with built-in NFC support. However, if your device lacks NFC functionality, you can download a separate NFC scanner app from the app store.

Once you have confirmed NFC availability on your device, enable NFC in the settings or via the Android Quick Settings menu. Simply swipe your finger from the top of the screen downwards, locate the NFC icon, and tap on it to activate NFC.

With NFC enabled, launch the Frontu application on your device. Open the desired work order that you wish to scan using NFC. Select the relevant tab, such as "Places," and click on the "Scan" button. This action will activate your phone's camera with a scanning window.

To scan an NFC tag, hold your phone close to the NFC tag on the card. For optimal scanning results, ensure that the distance between your phone and the NFC tag is less than 4 cm. Once the NFC tag is successfully scanned, the scanning window will automatically close, and the scanned information will be displayed within the Frontu app.

In case an action is not triggered immediately upon scanning, slowly move your phone around the NFC touchpoint until the interaction is initiated. This ensures a thorough scan and enables seamless data retrieval from the NFC tag.

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