Object and Warehouse

Manage clients objects and warehouses

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An object is a specific item or place supervised by a customer. When creating a work order, they are always assigned to this value.

A warehouse is a slightly different object, which is meant to store Equipment or materials.

They created manually, imported through the data import function, edited, duplicated or archived.

If you want to create a new object or warehouse, click on "New object" button:

 Enter required information, select some files if needed and press SAVE button.

If an object has NFC / QR code, there is an option to start and complete the work order using these codes. "Work order start NFC / QR code" - after scanning the code, an employee can start completing the work order. The code can be generated automatically as soon as a new object is saved, or you may enter the code in the object editing window. The code may be generated in the object preview window after clicking the WORK ORDER START NFC / QR CODE button.

"Work order end NFC / QR code" - after scanning the code an employee can finish completing the work order. You may use the same code as for the start, just copy the code from the "Work order start NFC / QR code" field or generate it here.  

Read how to find NFC code in Using NFC Codes section.

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