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Installing Customer Portal Application and Login in
Installing Customer Portal Application and Login in

Install Customer Portal App and Login to it

Updated over a week ago

You could find Frontu Customer Portal App on “Google Play” or “App Store” through your mobile device.

After installation, click "Open" and you will be redirected to the login window.

Enter your Frontu environment server name (e.g. server name would be “name”), email address and password created for you by an administrator in the online environment or provided with a link to your email address.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you will be able to perform chosen actions within the permissions you have.

If you will not be able to login, you will see a message:

  • “No connection with server ” - make sure your device has a working Wi-Fi / mobile internet connection (if selected web page can be loaded on the browser window) and the device settings are properly configured.

  • “Invalid login” - check if your login data is correct: server name, user email address and password.

Note: Only Frontu users with a "Customer" role can access the customer's mobile application.

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