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Customer registration

Create a Customer portal account for your self or ask Administrator to create it for you

Updated over a week ago

There are two ways how to start working with Frontu as Customer

  1. Get Customer account form Administrator

  2. Register Customer account by your self

Get Customer account form Administrator

Ask Frontu account administrator (Company which is providing services to you) to create a user for you. You just need to provide a valid email address and login information will be sent to this email after Administrator will create it.

Register Customer account by yourself

If you would like to register as a customer, open Company’s Frontu account login page and click “Register as a client”.

Registration window will appear. Fill in required information such as first and last name, email and phone number. Then click “Send”.

If the registration is successful, you will see success message. It informs you to check the email you have used for registration. Email will contain some basic information, password reset link and also Google Play and App Store links for downloading the customer application if you have not done it before your registration.

Click on the password reset link, create your own password and you are good to go to use Frontu. Your user will appear in Company’s users list with “Customer” role (for Administrators).

IMPORTANT: User creation will not be successful if your email is not added in Company’s Frontu account as customer’s or responsible person’s email. Also, if you already have an existing user with the same email address.

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