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Custom branding

If you want your brand or service to be more visible for your customers we can offer Custom branding feature.

Updated over a week ago

With this feature your company’s logo will be visible in Frontu environment and emails sent directly from You instead of ours.

Where to add logo?

Your business logo can be added in the settings for company details. You can not only fill the information but also add a logo from your computer.

When logo is added, every user will be able to see it in login page as well as on the top of the left corner on each Frontu page when user is logged in.

The maximum dimensions for your logo are 640:640 px

Logo on PDF document

Moreover, your logo will be displayed in each generated PDF act. The logo will appear together with Supplier information and will be visible under the act of acceptance number.

Custom e-mails domain

Using custom branding add-on, all the emails that come from Frontu server can be sent from your business domain using particular email and name. This lets your brand be visible every time and with every possible change or update not only from the logo but also from the actual name.

Once you add the logo in company details it will be displayed on:

  • the login page

  • the top of the left corner on each Frontu window

  • PDF act

  • Emails

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