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Creating new customers

What are customer and how to create one

Updated over a week ago

Click on the "New customer button", or hot the N button on your keyboard, if you want to create a new customer.

First of all, take a look at the settings icon next to the additional information tab. New work order window settings will let you design how a window will look like:

Here you will be able to change new customer window layout that is applicable only for desktop users:

  • "Primary/Additional information" - selected fields will appear in the appropriate layout section to the right, where Drag and Drop or checkmark will allow you to select the desired location for each field.

  • Clicking the x symbol will remove the selected field. Some fields are mandatory for work order creation and can not be removed.

  • Custom fields (from v. 5.1.0) will be displayed here too. If a field is required, it will be added to the primary information tab without possibility to change or remove it.

When all the changes are done, do not forget to click “Save” button. Settings window will be closed and if you want to create a new customer, you have to click on “New customer” button again. Newly generated fields will be visible in the form.

For customer creation, Remarks field is designed to leave some client specific comment that is meant for internal use only.

"Additional Email Addresses" field is for recipients of this customer's completed work order acts. Also, be sure to enable the system to send the reports by clicking on SETTINGS → General Settings → Email report settings → Send completed work orders report → in the field "Send reports" - YES.

If you click "SAVE AND CREATE OBJECT" button, a new customer will be saved and a new object creation window will open where the last saved entry (from version 4.2) will already be specified in the customer field.

SETTINGS → General settings → System settings → Customers's uniqueness you can select data types that will be used to check for new entries so that no duplicates are created. At the time of import, checking the data is indicated separately.

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