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Creating a New client

With Frontu, you can easily create new customers and customize the customer creation window to suit your specific needs.

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Creating new customer and settings

To begin, simply click on the "New customer" button if you want to create a new customer profile. But before that, let's take a look at the settings icon next to the additional information tab. By clicking on it, you can customize the layout of the new customer creation window (applicable only for web app users).

In the settings window, you will find a list of all possible fields that can be included and displayed in the new customer creation window. These fields are categorized as "Primary/Additional information." You can select the desired fields and arrange their layout by using drag and drop or checkmark options. Some fields are mandatory and cannot be removed.

Additionally, custom fields, introduced in version 5.1.0, can also be displayed in this section. If a field is marked as required, it will be added to the primary information tab without the option to change or remove it.

Once you have made all the necessary changes, remember to click the "Save" button to apply the settings. The settings window will be closed, and you can proceed with creating a new customer by clicking on the "New customer" button again. The newly generated fields will be visible in the customer creation form.


In the remarks field, you can leave client-specific comments that are meant for internal use only. This allows you to add any additional information or notes about the customer.

Work order reports

Furthermore, from version 4.2, there is an "Additional Email Addresses" field where you can specify recipients who should receive the customer's completed work order acts. To enable the system to send reports, navigate to SETTINGS → General Settings → Email report settings → Send completed work order report and set "Send reports" to "YES."

Objects related to customer

By clicking the "SAVE AND CREATE OBJECT" button, the new customer profile will be saved, and a new object creation window will open. The customer field in the object creation window will already be populated with the last saved customer entry.


Starting from version 4.5.0, you have the option to tag customers with keywords that help describe them. Simply type the desired word and press enter to create a tag. These tags can be filtered using the "Tag" filter in the customers list, allowing for easy categorization and searching. Multiple tags can be selected for each customer.

Additional features

In version 5.1.0, we introduced the visibility of the Company TAX/VAT ID number for both private and commercial customer types. This field provides additional information related to the customer's identification.

From version 5.6.0, we added a ZIP code field to the customer form. Although not required, this field can be utilized to gather more specific information about the customer's location.

Another valuable feature is the ability to add files to the customer's profile starting from version 5.4.1. This allows you to store all documents related to the customer in one place. Simply click the "Choose" button, select files from your computer, or drag and drop them into the designated area. Don't forget to click the "Save" button after adding the files.

To view the customer's files, navigate to the detailed view and click on the "Files" section. Please note that application users can't access the files attached to the customer; this information is exclusive to users working in an administrator environment.

Lastly, in the "SETTINGS → General settings → System settings" section, you can specify data types to check for new entries and avoid duplicates. This ensures data uniqueness and prevents the creation of duplicate customer profiles.

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