Short definitions of frequently used terms when working with Frontu.

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Application – Frontu mobile app.

Backend environment – web app, context management system with address

Work environment – environment, in which information is created, edited and used for work (work orders, work order types, materials, clients, etc.). When information is no longer relevant, it is transferred into the archive (archived).

Role – authorizations of the user in a specific environment ( mobile or web app):

  • Administrator – role in backend environment with all authorizations granted;

  • User – has a right to access backend environment with limited permissions that are set by the Administrator;

  • App User – has access only to the mobile application, where he/she can execute the work orders;

  • Helper – has no access to backend environment or mobile application. May be assigned a work order during the process of its creation;

  • Customer – a natural or a legal person/company that has access to the customer platform with limited permissions.

Object – a particular managed facility, place or equipment. If one site contains several facilities, each of them is registered as a separate object.

Responsible person – client's representative responsible for a particular object or a set of objects. Responsible person assesses and signs a completed work orders if required.

Request - is a request to perform a work order. Usually register by client through Customer Platform

Work order – a structure assigned to a specific object comprising one or more jobs/materials/remarks/questions/routes/places.

Work order type – this is a set of settings that is assigned and applied to work orders of the same function.

Template – a pre-established work order indicating amount of works and materials.

Periodic work order – an automatically generated work order over a set period of time.

Period – it is a set of settings that includes date, time and recurrence frequency.

Job – a smaller part of a work order.

Questionnaire – a set of one or more questions.

Question – a question has one or more response options.

Standard job/material – most often performed job and most often used material.

Work order completion report – report on completion of a work order in PDF or HTML format.

Archive – data unavailable in working environment. Information transferred to archive will not be displayed in working environment, but it can be accessed by modifying the archive filter. Information transferred into archive can be restored to working environment at any time.

Archiving – transferring information (clients, materials, work orders, etc.) into the archive.

Archived – transferred into the archive.

Duplicate - replication of work orders.

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