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General Windows Characteristics
General Windows Characteristics

The main methods that can be used in web app. Sorting, filtering, arrange and other actions explained.

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Top menu

  • Camera icon is for the remote video chat (if it is not enabled in your icon, you will not see it);

  • You will see the received and sent messages by clicking on the second icon with an arrow;

  • The Euro symbol is displayed for payments and unpaid bills;

  • The bell icon informs about other important events: new requests and assigned work orders for logged in user;

  • SETTINGS - general user interface settings and data;

  • Logged user menu where you can view your profile, notifications, change the password or log out.


When you click on any title in the column, the table elements are sorted according to alphabetical order. Second click will sort data in reverse order.


Choose one or more filtering parameters from the drop down list or type a keyword or its part, according to which you wish to filter data.

Filter "Archived“ displays data transferred to the archive. Clicking an arrow up icon the filter fields fly up.

Archived data may be restored at any time. To do that choose the filter "Archived" → right click on one or more of the entry rows (described below) → choose the menu RESTORE button.


It allows to choose type of information that will be displayed in the table. Tick any of the fields and click Submit. The table can be slided horizontally to see all the columns.

Columns containing less important information can be moved to the end of the table. Just left click any column, hold it and move to a desired destination in the table.

Right mouse button

When you position the mouse cursor on a given entry, push the right mouse button. Standard actions include: "Quick view", "Detailed view", "Archive", "Edit", "Duplicate", "QR code" and "Abort". If the button is absent it means the action cannot be performed.

Creating a new entry

You can create a new entry at any moment. Click the "Create new" field and choose the type of entry you wish to create.

Executing commands on multiple entries

You can choose and apply a required command to multiple entry fields simultaneously with the right mouse button. On each Frontu page there is a different list of available commands.

Highlighted rows become green:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl ( - MacBook) button and you can choose each entry line separately by left clicking on it;

  2. Press and hold Shift button and you can choose a series of entries by left clicking on a given entry you wish to be the first and on the entry you wish to be the last, so all entries in between will get highlighted as well;

  3. You can combine both commands, e. g. with Shift button you highlight a series of entries, and with Ctrl ( - MacBook) highlight individual entries.

After highlighting desired entries it is necessary to right click on any of them to open a list of available commands.

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