Resources add-on

By utilizing this add-on, companies can create a list of their resources, assign them to work order, review them in a separate calendar.

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The Resources add-on is an invaluable tool for customers seeking to optimize their supply management processes.

To begin, navigate to the "Objects". There you will find two new tabs "Resources" and "Resource types" tab. Select "Resource types" click on the green "+New resource type" button to create a new type. Enter the title for the resource type and save the entry. The newly created resource type will appear in the list and will be available in the dropdown menu when creating a resource. Resources types can be filtered by title and creation date.

Next, click on the "Resources" tab. To create a new resource, click on the green "+New resource" button and fill in the relevant information. If necessary, you can also add files and pictures from your computer. Save the resource, and it will be added to the list. Resources can be filtered by title, registration number, resource type, and creation date. You can review, edit, copy, or archive individual entries as needed.

Once you have created your resources, you can assign them to work order. Click the work order creation button to start creating a new work order. The resources field will allow you to select resources from the dropdown list. If necessary, you can select multiple resources for a work order. Ensure that the resources field is added to the work order form by clicking on the settings icon within the form and checking the tick mark. After saving the settings, the resources field will appear in work order form.

To check resource availability, use the green calendar icon next to the resources field. This feature allows you to view all resources listed on the left side of the calendar. If any or orders are already scheduled using a particular resource, you can review them and select a different time or resource for your work order.

Additionally, if you plan a work order during a time when a resource is already in use, a red notification will appear under the resources field to indicate its unavailability at the selected time.

The Resources calendar provides a comprehensive overview of all resources and helps in planning and managing their schedules. You can find the calendar as a separate tab within the calendar menu option. The calendar can be viewed by month, day, or week. Creating a work order from the Resources calendar is simple. Just select the desired time and resource, right-click on the spot, and choose "Create new work order." The work order start time and assigned resource will be automatically filled in. After providing the remaining work order information, click save, and the newly created work order will be visible in the Resources calendar.

Don't forget that you can apply filters to the Resources calendar to refine your view based on user, office, skills, work order type, status, customer, and object. This flexibility allows for efficient resource management and planning within your organization.

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