Customer Preview

Frontu web app offers a convenient feature that allows you to preview customer details with just a few clicks.

Updated over a week ago

To access a customer's information, simply select the desired entry from the customer list. By right-clicking on the selected entry, a context menu will appear, presenting you with two options: QUICK VIEW and DETAILED VIEW.

Choosing QUICK VIEW will provide you with a brief overview of the customer's information, allowing you to quickly gather essential details at a glance. On the other hand, opting for DETAILED VIEW will give you a comprehensive view of all the information associated with that particular customer.

Within the preview window, you will have access to a wealth of customer data, enabling you to understand their needs and preferences more effectively. From contact information to purchase history, you can explore various aspects of the customer's profile.

Additionally, our platform includes a tab specifically dedicated to Responsible persons. In this tab, you will find a list of individuals who are assigned as responsible persons for the given customer. This feature helps you track and manage the responsible individuals associated with each customer, ensuring efficient communication and seamless coordination.

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