PDF/HTML report layout

Provided data will be displayed in the status report which will be sent to your clients

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There is a quick button SHOWING / HIDDEN at the end of the line that allows to turn On or Off the display of a given section in the report.

You can edit the following fields:

  • Work order details

If QR code option is marked, it will show work order's title and will be visible on the right side of the PDF act's header

  • Jobs

  • Materials

  • Equipment

  • Route history

  • Questionnaires

Once you click on each of these sections, you will be able to remove certain information in each displayed section. Some of them are described below:


Show prices - removes all prices from the PDF/HTML act. Also, show and hide other work order related fields.

TIP: If you have a Custom Fields add-on, the new field will also appear in the work order details section, if you select the "Visible in act of acceptance" option:


You can show or hide equipment, description, employees, time or duration added to the job.


You can show or hide equipment, description or serial number added to the material.

Show or hide updated time.


Show or hide distance and Google Maps calculated route duration.


If you want to show or hide remarks on PDF act, the button is on the add-remark screen in the Frontu application:

(You can choose if you want this button to be preselected, or always turned off in the Settings>App Settings)

Please note, that you can also add pictures to the remarks section, so the client would also see the picture on the PDF/HTML act.


You can either show or hide the additional remarks added to the questionnaire answer.

TIP: You can also add a picture as a questionnaire remark.

Remember to click SAVE button below to save any changes you have made in the settings.

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