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Edit incorrect details on PDF / HTML act
Edit incorrect details on PDF / HTML act

PDF / HTML act editing steps

Updated over a week ago

You can reopen the work order, change its information, regenerate the act and complete the work order again! All the changes will be visible in the PDF act. There are 2 ways you can correct the details on PDF/HTML act.

Re-open for App User to change details

Simply reopening the work order and returning it back to the App User. The App user will be able to edit all the work order information: Jobs, Materials, Remarks, Route, Questionnaire, etc.:

Right-click on the work order > "Reopen for App user"

The work order will appear in the App user's "Stopped" work order list. From there, they can start the work order again and do the needed corrections.

Change details from Admin side and re-generate act

The second way is to edit the work order in your Web. Here you can edit jobs, materials, remarks and route.

To reopen the completed work order, simply right-click then "Reopen":

Once you reopen the work order, you can edit the work order details:
Right-click again > "Detailed view" > change the information you need;

Don't forget to regenerate the act to save all the new information!

Right-click on a work order > "Regenerate act" - this step will erase the client's signature and edit the changed information.

Attention! This step will erase the client's signature since you have edited the details in act.

Click the small pen icon and send the link to your client for a remote signature.

After the client signs the work order, the work order will be completed automatically.

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