Where you can see the technician's location

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You can see the technician's location in your calendar view map.
If you do not see the map, it can be turned on in the settings:

The technician's location is updated every time the task status is changed. This means that whenever the technician, confirms, starts, stops, or completes a task, their location on the map is updated.

The technician's location is also saved with the task detailed view:

There is a "Map of task status" button:

If you do not see the technician's location, there might be a few different issues:

  1. The location setting on the technician's mobile device is turned off:

  2. The permission to access device's location is not given to Frontu application:

    This can be changed in the Device settings. The setting's location depends on your device's manufacturer, so please check the manufacturer's user guide for the device.

  3. The battery saver is turned on.

    The battery saver restricts the applications to run in the background, so the worker's location cannot be sent to the admin.

  4. Other issues, if the first 3 solutions do not work, please contact customer support.

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