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Option to abort or cancel the task
Option to abort or cancel the task

Possibility to cancel a task in case you are unable to complete it for any reason

Updated over a week ago

We have introduced a new option to abort action available for service managers that allows technicians to cancel a task.

Canceling a Task:

Our new task action allows technicians to cancel a task if they are unable to execute it. This is a great solution for situations where a technician encounters difficulties that prevent them from completing the task.

If an application user has permission to cancel a task and needs to do so, they can simply click on the three dots located in the upper right corner and select the "Cancel Task" option.

Permission-based option:

We understand that some actions performed by application users can create difficulties for your service process. Therefore, we have added a permission-based system for application users.

This means that administrators can decide which actions can be performed by an application user. For task cancellation, the application user must have permission from the administrator to cancel a task.

If you encounter any issues with task cancellation, please reach out to us for assistance.

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