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Fleet Complete
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With Fleet Complete integration you will be able to track and allocate your assets anywhere at any time. Tracking solution ensures real-time updates, helps to plan and manage work orders and organize your field staff. We hope that this integration will give you the necessary flexibility and a new way to grow as a company.

Frontu Dashboard will show not only the users but also vehicles on the map. It will provide you with the exact location of the vehicles and users. The yellow icon indicates users and displays address information, last coordinates, office where the user works, and mobile device model. The black icon shows the vehicle information: its model, license plate, coordinates, and latest update time.

Fleet Complete needs to have a Driver ID entered for the machine, which should be the same as the System ID of the user or the employee specified in Fleet Complete for the machine (First Name Last Name). When this information is clear, then we can map the users with machines.

If you click on the calendar in the left menu you will be able to see a calendar together with the map. This map displays a bit more information because it might include work orders and client requests. You can select which information is needed and use checkboxes to mark them.

The users section will let you follow the user’s trip history. Select the user and click the “Detailed view” option. You can review the user’s information in the first tab. The second one is designed for a trip history. The list with user trips and their details is visible. Employee, start and end time, duration in minutes, work order, start and end coordinates, and distance provide you with all the needed information. The work order link is active and if you click on it, you will see a window with work order details.

The date filter will let you select start and end dates for the trip. You can filter last or this month but it is also a custom selection of dates available. When dates are selected click the green “Choose” button.

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