Creating an object

How to create an object

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Before creating an object, you will have to create a client (Customer) first, there cannot be an Object without an existing Client.

To create an Object, click the "New object" button, or simply hit an N key on your keyboard:

You will be required to enter the Title, and the Customer.

By clicking the gear button in the top, you can sort, and edit how your Object creation window will look like:

If you want your technicians to be able to navigate to the object by a click of a button, you have to add the "Full address" to the object information, and choose one option from the list that comes up from Google. The Latitude and Longitude coordinates will be filled out automatically, which is required to have a working navigation.

You can also use the Object import, but in such case, you will have to fill out the coordinates in the Excel sheet before the import process.

Any files that are added to the Object, will be also automatically added to every Work Order in that object.

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