Frontu allows to have different offices or branches and assign users to specific locations where they work at - easy to filter and plan!

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If you want to create a new office click on "New office" button.

Enter the office information, i.e. name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

When you enter the address, you will be offered address options from Google database. Once the correct address is entered, longitude and latitude values will be entered automatically.

If you do not have an exact address, you can enter longitude and latitude values (by clicking info icon, information on how to get exact coordinates will be displayed). The coordinates are used to calculate the route in the App, i.e. the distance to an object or location of equipment will be calculated on the basis of these coordinates of office to which App user is assigned.

The number of company offices is unlimited. Only if coordinates have been saved it is possible to calculate the distance in Routes tab in App.

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