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Indicator tracking

Indicator tracking as a tool for objects maintenance.

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This feature was designed to manage your objects in a better way by using multipurpose indicator. It will help you to track moto hours or other index and will make sure that your objects are up to date.

When creating a new object you will be bale to see few new lines: “Indicator required” checkbox and “Indicator” field. The checkbox will mark if this object requires indicator and the “Indicator” will show the current number added.

Have in mind that object card you see might be a bit different. It depends on “New object window” settings. Here you can also select where to display indicator fields: primary or additional information tab.

When a work order with object that has an indicator is created, application user sees it in the “Info” tab under the “Object” details.

Start a work order, click on the indicator and you will be able to enter the new value into the pop up window. Have in mind that value must be bigger than original value. It is a validation added that will not let you to enter smaller number. Also, the number might consist of 12 symbols maximum.

After “Confirm” action on the pop up window, the indicator value will change.

Indicator field is not active until you start a work order. If the work order is inactive, stopped or completed, you will not be able to enter any value.

If an indicator was marked as required in the administrator platform, application user will not be able to finish the work order until he updates the number. If an indicator is not required, app user will not be reminded to fill the field, it will be optional.

When a work order is completed, object indicator is updated and the change is visible in the object card, administrator environment.

Administrator can change the indicator for the work order if needed. Just click the edit on the work order and change indicator field value. If the value for work order was changed, that does not mean that it was updated for the object. You will change only work order's indicator.

To see indicator value for the work order, add it via "Columns" button in the list. When a checkbox is marked, indicator column will be visible in the list.

Moreover, administrator can always export the work orders or use total report to see object’s indicator in the particular work order as we save each indicator in the work order despite the newest update of the object. This means that even if the indicator for the specific object is 250 now, you can see what it was in the work order that was completed days, weeks or months ago.

When exporting work orders make sure you have selected “Indicator”.

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