Regions add-on

By assigning employees and objects to specific regions, based on location or other criteria, this add-on optimizes operations and results.

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To begin utilizing the Regions add-on, access the "Objects" section from the menu and navigate to the "Regions" tab. Here, you will find the list of added regions, as well as the option to create new regions.

To create a new region, click the green [+New region] button. Only the title is a required field, but you can also provide a description if necessary. After saving the region, the updated regions list will be displayed. You can view, edit, or archive regions as needed. Additionally, regions can be filtered by title or archive status.

Next, go to the "Users" section in the menu. You can create new users or edit existing ones and assign them to specific regions. Keep in mind that a user can be assigned multiple regions if required. However, regions cannot be assigned to administrator and customer role users, and the regions field will be inactive for these user types. Assigned regions will be visible in the list, and you can remove or change them by using the edit action on the selected user.

It is important to note that users with assigned regions will only have access to information related to their designated region when logged in. They will not be able to view work order or objects associated with different regions or those without any assigned region.

To add regions to an object, navigate to the "Objects" section in the menu. Before creating the object with a region, click the [+New object] button, then the settings icon. Ensure that the "Regions" field is added to the object card. If it is not included, mark the arrow and add it.

Fill in all the required information for the object and assign the appropriate region. Please note that only one region can be assigned per object. If you have a large list of regions, you can type the title and utilize the search bar in the "Regions" field for convenience.

Once the object with the selected region is saved, you can view it in the objects list. Filtering objects by region is also possible to streamline your search and organization. Moreover, the "Regions" filter has been added to the work order list, enabling you to filter work orders based on the region assigned to the work orders object.

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