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This article highlights the steps involved in creating, reviewing, and editing entries related to clients, objects, and responsible persons

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Creating or Editing Entries

From the main work order window, locate and click on the burger menu icon situated at the bottom.

In the Details section, choose the relevant category: Client, Object, or Responsible person, based on the desired action.

Once the Clients/Objects/Responsible person window opens, click on the plus sign located at the bottom right corner to create a new entry. Alternatively, select an existing entry to edit its details.

Starting from version 5.4.7, all objects are conveniently grouped by customer, ensuring a more organized and structured display.

Efficient Search Functionality

To expedite the search process, Frontu offers the capability to search for customers using their phone numbers, enabling swift access to the desired customer data.

From version 5.1.0 onwards, users can create responsible persons directly from the work order completion window. After completing a work order, a dropdown list of contacts will be available for selection.

The dropdown list of contacts in the work order completion window can be customized to display specific individuals based on the settings configured in the admin platform. Users can choose which contact persons to display by accessing General Settings > App Settings > Contact persons visible in the Mobile App for the work order.

Immediate Creation of Responsible Persons:

If a required responsible person is not present in the dropdown list, users have the option to create them instantly. Simply click on the silhouette icon located in the top right corner, which will open a new window for creating a responsible person. The customer field will be automatically filled with the relevant customer information from the work order, while the user will need to input the remaining required details.

Once all the necessary information is entered, click the "Save" button. The newly created contact person's name, last name, and email address will be populated. Subsequently, the contact person will be visible in the dropdown list for future selections.

In addition to being accessible from the dropdown list, the menu within Frontu will showcase the list of contact persons, including all responsible persons associated with different customers.

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