Act of Work customization add-on

Add-on that allows you to generate customized work acts, offers, consignment notes, and other essential documents.

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Getting started with this feature is a seamless process. Here's a breakdown of how you can leverage this functionality.

Create Work order Types

In the Frontu web app, you need to create work order types that align with your company's workflow and requirements. These work order types serve as the basis for generating the custom documents.

Custom PDF Upload

Once you have created the desired work order types, you can contact the Frontu team to upload a custom PDF file specifically tailored to each work order type. This PDF file will serve as the template for generating the customized documents.

During the process, you will have the opportunity to consult with the Frontu team and communicate your specific requirements for the document customization. We are dedicated to understanding your needs and finding the right solutions to meet your expectations.

The custom PDF form empowers you with full control over the document's appearance and content. You can choose which fields to display, which information to hide, and determine the placement of each detail within the document. The generated document will automatically calculate all the necessary numbers for materials, jobs, or any other relevant sections.

It's important to note that we can create reports based on your unique design preferences. The PDF file can be tailored entirely to meet your expectations, ensuring that the generated documents align perfectly with your company's branding and requirements.

While the possibilities for custom acts are diverse, we present one example here to illustrate the potential look and feel of the generated document. Rest assured, our team is committed to working closely with you to deliver customized documents that fulfill your specific needs.

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