Google Calendar
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You can synchronize work orders and events of any user with the popular system - Google Calendar, using this third-party integration. This integration allows you to view all the information in one place.

If you are interested in trying it, please follow the steps shown below.

  1. Open the Users list

  2. Right-click on a user (it could be a helper too).

  3. Select the Detailed View option.

  4. Click on [iCal] button and a pop-up window with a link will appear.

  5. Copy the link and open the Google Calendar application.

  6. Find the “Other calendars” section, click + sign and select the option “From URL”.

  7. Paste the URL in the field and click the [Add calendar] button. You can mark the “Make the calendar publicly accessible” checkbox if needed.

The added calendar will be visible in the “Other Calendars” section. You can select it and all the events and work orders from the Frontu calendar will be visible in Google Calendar.

Have in mind that the calendar is synchronized with the delay because Google updates the calendar within 8-12 hours. Frontu does not recommend using it to check work orders for today. However, calendar will show the full picture of the week or month instead.

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