Calendar events explained

Frontu calendar events provides a convenient way to track important events such as vacation, sick leave to improve dispatching and planning.

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What are Calendar Events?

Calendar events in Frontu allow users to schedule and track various types of activities, assign them to specific users, and view them in a separate tab or within the calendar itself. Events can be created for a single day or span across multiple days.

Use Cases:

  1. Employee Leave Tracking: One of the primary use cases for calendar events is to track employee leave such as vacation days or sick leave. The events can be assigned to individual employees and are visible while scheduling new work orders.

  2. Shifts Scheduling: Calendar events can also schedule shifts with team members.


Frontu calendar events provide a flexible and convenient way to track important activities and events. By utilizing this feature, users can easily schedule, assign, and track events to improve scheduling efficiency.

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