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New and more convenient Frontu visual design
New and more convenient Frontu visual design

Look at new Frontu UI. See what changed and check how different forms are looking now.

Updated over a week ago

Experience a new level of user-friendly collaboration with the redesigned Frontu User Interface. This intuitive design is super simple and ensures efficient navigation, allowing you to focus on what matters the most.

Even if we only changed how it looks, it does make a lot of sense! Let us introduced what changed and we can promise that it became easier than ever to input and modify information in Frontu web app effortlessly.

What changed?

  • Calendar settings

We improved the calendar to display its settings into one line. You will not need to scroll down anymore and will be able to set time interval, map selection, work days, working time and other information.

  • Work order filters

We provide a lot of different filters in work orders list. For used filters being more visible, from now on we mark them with green frame. All filters that are in the use at the moment has green frame around them.

  • New and Export buttons in work orders list

You will not see "+New Draft" button now as a separate green button. It is in the dropdown list when you click the arrow near the "+New" button. The functionality of new draft creation itself remained totally the same.

Export button arrow will provide the selection of "All information". That means that the table for needed information selection will not be open and all information regarding the work orders will be exported. If you need to select which fields to export, click blue "Export" button instead.

  • Work order's request and periodic work order's creation/edit forms

The work order's request and periodic work order's forms will look more similar to the work order's form in new Frontu UI. The forms became more compact and user will not need to scroll down to fill all needed fields anymore.

  • Work order's type creation/edit forms

The form will stay divided into three separate tabs. They will contain the same information and you will not find any new fields here. However the view changed a bit, so please take a look how it will look now.

  • Custom fields form view

Custom fields were also affected by new Frontu UI. The form will be shorter and tighter. The checkboxes provided at the end of the form.

  • Contact person and new user forms

The view of contact person and new user forms will provide the same information but in more convenient way. Check the form as it will let you to complete the action without scrolling down to the end.

  • Cash collection and vehicles information

From now on you will find "Cash collections" and "Vehicles" in the "Users" menu. There will be two different tabs dedicated for them.

  • Resources add-on

The main change here is that now you can find resources (if you use this add-on) in the objects menu as a separate tab.

  • Standard material and standard job forms

Check the job and material forms. New Frontu UI design make them look more tidy and informative. Both form changed for edit action too.

  • System and email report settings

Don't miss out new settings forms! We did not change any information there but you will be able to notice some UI changes. Settings remains divided into separate blocks but are grouped a bit differently now.

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