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Enhanced Customer Service with Samsung Knox Manage

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Frontu clients have often expressed concerns about the lack of control when it comes to supervising devices or installing system updates, despite having a system to manage field technicians. In our pursuit of improving user experience, we discovered Samsung Knox Manage, which has proven to be a valuable solution.

Benefits of Samsung Knox for Frontu Clients

At Frontu, we utilize Samsung Knox Manage to optimize our customers' work processes and enable efficient workflows with minimal interference. This is achieved through device tracking and remote assistance in the event of system failures or other issues. With Samsung Knox Manage, team members using connected devices can have peace of mind knowing that the central system can remotely identify and resolve any bugs or missing components.

Key Features of Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox has developed a versatile platform to cater to different business demands. Samsung Knox Manage, a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) feature, allows system administrators to remotely control the deployment process. The functionality extends to regulating Wi-Fi, VPN, APN, exchange, and firewall settings. Additionally, it enables the configuration of employees' email accounts and the installation of apps on their devices.

Configure Feature

Samsung Knox Manage supports one-time deployment of settings, content, and apps. Many device-related issues arise after a new operating system update. Samsung Knox E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air) feature facilitates the remote installation of the latest OS updates on Samsung devices, ensuring enhanced security and eliminating software bugs.

Samsung Knox Manage for Enterprise

Samsung Knox Manage caters to various consumer needs and offers several versions to address the growing demand for data privacy. The Enterprise edition provides high levels of security and data privacy, benefiting highly regulated enterprises and governmental organizations where information sensitivity to external threats is paramount. The platform safeguards the company's privacy, regardless of the number of devices used by the team.

Samsung Knox Manage for Frontu Clients

As part of our commitment to helping our clients maximize their potential, we have developed the Frontu field service management system. In line with this, we continually seek new methods to enhance their business efficiency. Samsung Knox Manage allows for significant time savings by streamlining system updates and managing multiple devices. This empowers our clients to focus on what matters most to their business. Additionally, Samsung Knox Manage offers robust data protection to mitigate external risks, ensuring the highest level of data security.

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