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Option to disable work order creation based on credit status
Option to disable work order creation based on credit status

Stop Creating work order for Customers with Unpaid Bills

Updated over a week ago

We've introduced a handy new feature that lets you prevent making new work orders for customers who haven't paid their bills. It's called "Work Order Creation Disabled" in the Credit Status tab relevant to Customers.

Why it matters:

Service managers sometimes miss the credit status label when they're creating new work orders. If your company does work for customers who haven't paid, it can cause cash flow problems and take a lot of time to recover the money.

How it works:

When you pick a customer with a specific credit status where this credit status is turned on to disable work order creation:

  • The submit buttons will be grayed out, and a little explanation will pop up to tell you why.

  • You can still save your work order as a draft, but you won't be able to submit it immediately.

The buttons will become active again if you either:

  • Choose a different credit status for that customer.

  • Disable this option for that credit status altogether.

Currently, the option to stop making new work orders only works on the web for service managers, not in the app. This means that even if a customer's credit status has the "Work order Creation Disabled" checkbox checked, technicians can still create new work orders from the app.

This improvement makes sure that you only submit Work order for customers with the right credit status, making your Work order management more efficient.

Credit statuses can be changed automatically when Frontu is integrated with your ERP or accountancy system. Check out our service page. Otherwise, credit status can be assigned manually for each customer

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