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Chat add-on

Communicate with team members, share the information in the easiest way.

Updated over a week ago

Our team invested time to make communication channel between users. From now on, different Frontu users can communicate without any additional source (SMS, phone calls, emails etc). Let us introduce you to Frontu Messenger!

Each Web platform user can initiate a conversation and send direct messages, attach pictures, start group chats and more.

How does it work?

User will see envelope icon on the up right corner. If it has unread messages, there will be a number near the icon. If there are no messages, the envelope will be empty.

Click on the icon and you will be able to open the window of direct messages. You can use search to find any user or chat and start the conversation.

When you find a user, start a conversation. All the conversations that you had with separate users will be visible in the list on the left side. The conversation history is saved, you will also see the time when messages were sent. You can start as many conversations as needed.

To start a group conversation, click on “Direct Messages”, mark all needed participants and click “Create message group” at the end of the users list.

You can also start a conversation directly by clicking on the envelope icon near the assigned user. It will open the conversation with that particular technician.

How it looks for an application users?

New messages for the application user will be visible under the bell icon. If there is a number there, user has some new messages.

Application user will also get a notification to the mobile device showing user, time and the message itself. He can click on it and will be redirected to the chat.

It is very easy to reply or even share the attachments. Conversation will be stored and all the history will be visible at any time.

Even if the technician can not initiate the new conversation, he will see all available chats in one screen and can reply whenever he is ready.

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