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How many times, you, as an app user, struggled to get immediate help? How many times you had a question about a feature or even a suggestion for improvement? You can use live chat for that.

How to use online help? The usage is very simple and does not require any additional add-on. You can reach our Customer Support specialists with few clicks!

Click on menu icon on the left. You will see “Information” section with option “Help”.

Click on it and you will be able to send us a message. If you do not have any conversations yet and this is gonna be your first, you will see a screen with empty space for the message “Start a conversation”.

Start the conversation by explaining your problem or question that you have. Frontu experts are here to help you.

All the old conversations are saved and remain visible for you. “Send us a message” button will let you to start a new conversation if you will have another situation to discuss.

While waiting for the answer you do not need to keep this window open, you can close it and work as usually. When Frontu representative will reply, the message will pop up.

Please try not use the same chat for different questions. If you have another issue/suggestion, start a new conversation instead 😊

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