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How to Make Photo Attachments Mandatory for Work Orders in the Mobile App
How to Make Photo Attachments Mandatory for Work Orders in the Mobile App

Guide on how to configure Frontu Web App that Mobile App users would be enforced to add photos to work order.

Updated over a week ago

In the context of work order management, it's often essential to ensure that certain work orders require photo attachments before they can be marked as completed.

Adjust Work order Type Settings

The first step is to modify the settings related to the work order type. This will allow you to specify which type of work order tabs should be shown, hidden or required.

In the Work order window go to Work order types tab

Then right click work order type you would like to edit

Photos related to work order in mobile app always should be added in "Remarks" tab.

In the Edit work order window go to tab named "Work order tabs" and change Remarks setting to "Required"

Now technician will not be able to complete work order without adding "Remarks" - in this case photos.

Require Photos for Work Orders Using Templates

In addition to configuring individual work order types, you can also enforce the photo attachment requirement when creating work orders from templates. Here's how:

Create a new work order template or edit an existing one.

Within the template, in Remarks tab press "+Add remark"

Write a note like "Add photo" to remind users to attach photos, tick "Image is required?" check box to make it mandatory.

Save the template.

For work orders created based on the template with settings described above, Mobile App users will always be prompted to attach photos when completing work order.

Either way you configure your Web App, you can ensure that work order completion in your Mobile App is contingent upon attaching the necessary photos. This feature is particularly useful in various scenarios, such as ensuring documentation, proof of work, or compliance with specific guidelines.

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