How to change password

Password change for different users

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The password can always be restored by the administrator. The app user cannot change their password from within the application.

For your new password we recommend to use upper case, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Here is the description for how to change the password for different roles:

1. For your own "Admin", "User" or "Client" account:
Go to top-right corner and click on "my profile" button:

Then select "Password change" tab:

2. For your own Administrator, User, Client or App user account if you do not remember password:

NOTE: you must have access to the account's email inbox.

Click "Forgot my password" button in the log-in page:

You will get an email with password reset link:

3. For any other account - the same process goes with another "Administrator", "App user", "Client" or "User" account

Go to "users" via your left side menu:

Right-click on the user > "Edit"

Change the password > click "Submit" > and then "Save":

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