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How to create, manage or delete users (or licenses)

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In this page, you can find all your licenses and created users that can access your system.

If you right-click on a user, you get a quick menu, where you can view user information and edit it if you are authorized.


The App User role may not be archived if he/she has work orders in progress, or has been assigned a work order that has not been completed yet.

In this case, go the the work orders list, use filter "Status" and select "Active option from a dropdown menu. Also use "Assigned user" filter you are looking for.

The list with active work orders will appear. Only when you will archive, complete or cancel all of the work orders in the list, you will be able to archive the assigned user.

In "Last synchronization date" column, you can see the date and time of the last data synchronization.

If you want to create a new user, click "New user" button:

Fill out the mandatory fields: name, surname, username, password, e-mail and click "Save".

The user will instantly be able to log in to the system with the password you created.

Additional information:

  • Users are simply Admin users that can log in to the system, but they have restricted rights, that you can create in your "Permission group" tab.

  • Helpers accounts are free, we would not calculate a separate license for them. Although, they cannot log in to the system, but other app users can add jobs for them.

  • Customer's role is for your customer, and it is a limited account. By creating such a user, you will have to select a customer from your existing customer's list and this user will only be able to see the wok orders created for this specific customer.
    If you want to provide additional permissions to the customer (i.e. "Allowing to create new objects", we can do so on our side. Please contact support).

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