Quick access to remarks

The remarks preview pop-up displays all the images and notes added by technician or service manager

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Service managers have quick access to additional information about executed work orders (work order) in the administrator environment.

If additional remarks are added to your work order (work order), an icon will appear in the additional information column in the page with list of work orders (work order).

Now, by clicking on this remark icon, you can quickly access the notes or review images.

After clicking this button, a pop-up will appear, where you will be able to see the pictures and notes added to his work order.

Here you can also do these steps to the remarks:

  • hide/show remarks for customers,

  • delete images (single delete action and delete the whole remark),

  • download pictures,

Web user can delete a single picture without deleting the whole remark.

Each picture now has option for download (blue) and option for delete (red). If you want to delete the picture, click on the red X icon. The pop up window will make sure you are doing this on purpose. When “Submit” is clicked, the particular picture will be deleted from the remark.

You will be able to see work order remarks divided to two sections: visible to the customer and invisible to the customer.

The button “More” will redirect you to the detailed view, remarks tab.

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