Importing data

The full description to how properly import data to the system

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To import the data to the system, firstly you must have an .xls or .xlsm file, which can typically be formed in a Microsoft Excel or Google sheets program.

Before Important process, please download the template file for your data. For each type of data, you can download the template by going to the import page and selecting the type of data you want to import:

Please keep in mind that importing multiple documents, the information in all of them should be the same. There cannot be any additional punctuation marks (.,/";:{-) in the same piece of information.

In the next step, field names from the left will be assigned automatically to the loaded file columns names. If the assigned columns are incorrect, you can make adjustments manually or not save specific information. In this step you need to select the information from the file you wish to transfer into the system, for example, if you do not want to transfer telephone numbers, leave empty Telephone field.

Click "Next" and wait until the files are imported.

After the data is imported, you will be able to see if there were any errors or duplicates:

When importing data, please use internal system ID or serial number for each line of information. Because it is the first cell that is checked for the line uniqueness. With this cell, you will be able to fix information if there are any errors after the import.

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