Create New Client Request

Brief information how to create a client request.

Updated over a week ago

If you want to create a new client request, click on green "New client request" button.

When creating a client request, enter its title. Fill in the customer, object, select the responsible person and equipment if needed. Description and files section will help to make client request even more informative and accurate. Office will be filled in automatically by the user’s who is creating the client request, office.

Have in mind that object is selected automatically in the client request creation form if customer has only one object.

Newly created client request will appear in the list. User will be able to preview, edit, archive or create a client from it.

When you are creating a work order, all active (not canceled or archived) requests will be visible under the selected object. In that case you will know if the object has any requests before creating a new work order.

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