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Shift workers add-on

Shift workers add-on allows separate users (executors) to log in to the same device using their individual PIN codes.

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This is particularly useful in situations where only one device is available at the object, and multiple executors need to use it.

The administrator should log in to the web app environment. Executors can be found in the "Users" section of the left menu, specifically under the "Executors" tab.

To create a new executor, click on the "+New executor" button. Fill in the required fields such as name, last name, and PIN code. The internal system ID is optional but can be entered if desired. Once the information is filled, click the "Save" button.

The PIN code is automatically generated, but it can be removed and replaced with a custom one. Remember that the PIN code must consist of 6 numbers.

When creating a new work order or periodic work order, there will be an executor field where you can assign a specific executor from the list.

However, this field is not required, which means work order can be created without a designated executor. In such cases, all users logged into the device will be able to see and confirm the work order. Once a work order is confirmed by a particular user, it will disappear from the work order list and become visible only to the user who confirmed it.

The work order executor can be seen in both work orders list and the detailed view.

Work orders and periodic work orders can be filtered by executor, allowing for easy organization and management.

When an executor attempts to log in to the device, they will need to enter their PIN code. Upon entering a valid PIN code, the executor will be logged into the application.

Executors can conveniently switch users on the same device. By clicking on the menu icon and selecting "Change user," the current executor will be logged off, and a PIN code window will appear for the new executor to log in. To log out of the application entirely, the "Log-out" option can be selected.

It's important to note that each time the device is locked, the user will need to enter their PIN code again to regain access.

By following these guidelines, multiple executors can efficiently use the same device while maintaining separate logins through their individual PIN codes.

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